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Here at Symphonic we have never been shy in technology adaption. We started with a full .NET stack, moved through an .NET/Java implementation then to Angular/Java. Along the way through experimentation with Elm, Ember, JavaScript and REACT we picked up some Groovy and some Python. We even had Neil Gall -one of our Senior Developers- present our method of testing with Python at Europython 2018. It’s important to us to move with the times and use the best tools to create the best product.

Although the team we have assembled at Symphonic has skilfully and enthusiastically adapted to the changing technologies, we’ve found that while we adapt well to the technologies themselves, we adapt slower to conventions. Each language has it’s own conventions and quirks and when switching, we tend to carry them with us. Writing non “Pythonic” Python or unconventional Java. This is something we are trying to remedy with the drive towards Kotlin.

While it may be fun for us techies to learn and experiment with new languages and what they can do, it’s less fun to learn the correct method of writing inline comments. So we are looking for ways to make that process more interesting.

We have started an official Kotlin User Group to learn from the local Kotlin community and share what we find. We aim to find out how people are using this new language and how best to use it ourselves and along the way perhaps find some Kotlin enthusiasts willing to help us move forward.

The first meeting is Tuesday, 2nd July 2019 and it’s the first of it’s kind not only in Edinburgh but in the whole of Scotland. We will grow this community, write the best Kotlin we can and feed back into that community.

Blog Post written by Ross Drew

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