SHiELD Project

How working together delivered the key to unlocking the value of health data to European citizens.

Free movement of workers is enshrined as a key EU principle. Although in place for many years the EU has yet to meet the challenges we are facing on providing adequate cross-border health assistance and services to those people who move across Europe and need to have access to their health data when abroad. 

The SHiELD programme was initiated to address these cross border challenges in which a citizen needs health care while in one Member State, and Clinicians need access to their health data from different Member States. The programme objective was to create a solution that would unlock health data by overcoming security and regulatory challenges that today prevent this data being exchanged.

SHiELD is part of a wider programme of EU funded works whose driver is to make it possible to provide better health care to citizens across European borders, by devising interoperability standards allowing for the secure and safe exchange of health data between many national health care systems.

To learn more about the project you can download the case study below or find out more about our platform and how it could benefit your organisation.

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