Delivering visibility, control and compliance in the most complex data access landscapes

Get Visibility of Governance

Symphonic’s comprehensive governance tools put policy control, auditing and compliance in one central location. Dashboards give you a quick view of access activity across the enterprise. User entitlement reviews are simple. Centralised policies and a complete history of access requests make demonstrating compliance easy.


Policy Management

Good governance starts with good policy management. With Symphonic you can implement enterprise-wide policy control and ensure that every data resource has an active owner taking responsibility for access management.

Ownership of policies can be devolved to the data owner, but central visibility is always maintained. Throughout the full lifecycle, a complete record of changes is maintained for every policy – including details on who made the change and why.

Management Reporting

The Symphonic dashboard gives you real-time, enterprise-wide visibility of access activity and performance – giving you confidence that access controls and compliance are consistent.

Automated alerts flag up suspicious usage patterns immediately, accelerating security incident responses and highlighting risks that require policy refinement.

With Symphonic, it’s easy to see who can access what and who is accessing what.



With symphonic you can implement continuous compliance by design. Centralised policy control prevents “privilege creep” and ensures user permissions are always in line with both your own internal policies and external industry regulations.

Dashboards let you check compliance at a glance. A full audit history lets you prove that not only do you have the right policies in place, but they’re also applied properly to your live environment.

In many organisations, compliance only lasts for the duration of an audit. With Symphonic you get continuous compliance founded on solid access management processes and complete visibility across your data ecosystem – reducing the risk of a security breach and taking the pain out of compliance audits.