Intelligent Authorisation


Control Access with Confidence

As organisations need to become more interconnected, transparent and data-driven to compete, simply locking up data is no longer a viable security strategy. Organisations are opening their eyes to the immense value that data holds – and the new digital frontiers on which data can be used. Our next-generation access management solution redefines access management for the digital and mobile age - helping you share data across new boundaries and support new data use cases, while maintaining privacy and compliance.

  • Visibility

    Get complete, cross-domain visibility of who is accessing your applications, services and data. See when, where and how employees, customers and partners are accessing data.

  • Control

    Apply centralised control over who accesses what data. Create policies and rules in plain language to make access management more manageable and agile.

  • Compliance

    Implement compliance by design. Symphonic makes enforcing and demonstrating compliance easy, even in the toughest regulated environments.

Trusted Access

Data has no value until you use it. Symphonic supports the controlled sharing and access to data inside and outside the boundaries of your organisation – while maintaining compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

  • Context Based Access Control

    Define access rules that are sensitive to the risk of each request – based on the user, the domain, the request, the location, the device and more.

  • Access Control at the speed of the business

    Symphonic makes access management simple and agile, supporting speedy business change and rapid enablement of new initiatives.

  • Inter-Organisation Sharing

    Quickly share just the right data with partners, suppliers, customers and other groups. Give them only what they need. No more, no less.

  • Open Architecture

    Symphonic’s flexible connectors work with all your existing technology investments. Your systems don’t need to change.

  • Real Time Access Control

    Changes to your access rules have instant effect - giving you complete, real-time control over who access what and how.

  • Cloud and Mobility

    Gain control over your data that’s stored out in the cloud and accessed from different devices, locations and connections.

Share with Certainty

Symphonic is an industrial-strength access management solution that lets you stay nimble, even in the most complex and heavily regulated environments. With Symphonic you can achieve continuous compliance by design – not just for the duration of an audit.

  • Financial Services

    Financial services firms face the challenge of balancing new digital and mobile banking strategies with the ever-present threat of cybercrime and the complexity of industry regulation.

  • Health and Social Care

    Health and social care organisations are challenged to provide joined-up patient care and citizen services across multiple touchpoints, multiple agencies, and for an increasingly mobile population.